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Music is the most beautiful thing in the world, but it's serious. Very serious.


The name Hitfinders was born in 2009 as a project record company and since 2012 it has evolved into Hitfinders Music, an independent music label linked to a production studio. We deal with music publication and promotion, with particular specialization and expertise for electronic productions, those of DJs, just to be clear. But, over the years, we've really covered music of all genres. We guarantee the best possible placement on the most suitable stores for the type of music. This is our job: publishing songs, tracks, works on portals where the public most in line with that sound can find them, discover them, listen to them, buy them. They call it 'music placement', 'tracks releasing', they call it a lot of things, but for us it's the most beautiful thing in the world. We know all the work behind a song, an EP, an album, any musical work. And we know well that hope that is nourished as soon as it is considered sufficiently finished and that discouragement that, at the same time, one feels for the apprehension of not knowing how to bring it to the attention of an audience. Something of ours that is ready, but remains there, in our drawer. We work for you to open that drawer and bring your songs to fruition, to finish the production process in a professional way, with the release. 

So, in detail. What we do: we publish songs, EPs, albums, compilations, tracks, as long as original tracks or workable tracks with a clearance agreement. We publish them on portals, sites, such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Beatport, Youtube, Deezer, Apple Music, and about 130 other portals that you don't know, and even we, if we have to list them, struggle to get to 30. But they exist, and the world is big, and it's reachable by your music. And then we do everything you need to promote yourself and increase your awareness and that of your music.

Why rely on us.

There are many similar operators, some obviously bigger and better, some less so. This is life and music is a part of it. Indeed, there are many sites that, with annual subscriptions, sell the songs and then manage all the work, from the graphics for the cover to the analysis of sales and streaming data. It looks like a professional stuff, with all the tools and all the freedom of this world. And then one tries, registers, pays, then chooses a few services, pays, and then does all the work and asks himself: "Let's see what happens". I'll tell you what happens: NOTHING. Because music is a job, you know, and if you're happy and good with the sounds you use, if you're good at playing and you have lots of dates, well, but maybe you can't make a captivating cover for your track, or you don't know everyone portals in the world that may be in line with your song, you do not have access to showcase spaces on distribution portals. Or, again, you don't have a site, you would like to make your own t-shirts to give away on the console, you would like to print a promo CD to give to your contacts, or pack a nice newsletter to forward to your contacts. In short, there is a whole world, and you have to choose well what to do. You know, by dint of €39.90 per service, you end up leaving us €500, on those sites, with those operators, and yet it's not well spent. So what do you want to happen? We prefer to say no sometimes. If the conditions aren't there, if there isn't an idea in the track, if there isn't a strategy with the artist. However, if we say yes, well maybe something happens. For sure we do the best work possible to achieve results that areor at least satisfactory.

What you need to publish your tracks with us.

Your tracks. And some ideas, if you have any, about the cover. We do everything else. With you. But we do. You look at it and have your say and choose. But we do.

"Why there are no rates indicated on the site? It's free? Or are you ashamed to write them?" 

What? How do you think? Neither. No, it's not free, because our work is worth it. But the cost is not excessive. So we are not ashamed of it. Above all, the cost is not fixed. It depends on the workmanship and the potential. First of all, we want to understand if the track, or the songs, are valid and can have a market. If we think not, it doesn't mean that we have infused science and are proud, but that maybe we don't believe that we can do a good job on our part. In short, you write, because we talk to each other and we understand. 

"But who do the royalties go to?"

To you, for sure. The work is yours. we canor work in two ways: in one you pay a fee for the services and 100% of the royalties, of any kind, are yours. We only provide service. In the other way, you always have 80% of the royalties, we keep 20%. Of course, you pay less for services. Depends on what? From the track, definitely. And also how much work we have.

"If the track is good, why don't you invest, earning more?"

Because we didn't tell you to produce your tracks, and it's right that you are the first to invest in it. There are absolutely realities that can work in that way, for example the majors, but move different budgets and different balances. We are small, but badass. We do many things you need, almost all the things you always think you lack to make a difference. So what are you waiting for?

Andrea "Frisk" Lazzero - Hitfinders Music founder

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